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Biblical Theology (The625)
This course introduces the student to the historical background and literature of the ancient Hebrews and early Christians through a Catholic perspective. Students will learn and practice the historical-critical method of biblical interpretation, which involves a close reading of the text giving special attention to the author’s original intent. In addition, students will be able to discuss the historical context of the writings that informs a proper interpretation and application of the biblical material. Relevant Church documents will be referenced, key terms will be defined, and select portions of the biblical text will be analyzed and interpreted. At various points, the course will compare and contrast Catholic and Protestant understandings of the Scriptures.

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Research Paper Options
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Online Research Resources:
  • Google Scholar delimits Google search results to more scholarly resources.
  • Best Commentaries categorizes commentaries and points to better academic publications.
  • E-Sword is free Bible software for Android, iOS, and Mac that includes Hebrew and Greek searches.
  • Bible Gateway provides access to over 80 versions of the Bible.
Be wary of websites offering only dated, out-of-copyright, and often non-academic resources, such as Bible Study Tools and Bible Resources.

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