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Videos—Revelation: Thyatira

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  • Thyatira: Archeological Discovery
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    In 1974, construction work in downtown Akhisar unexpectedly discovered the Roman Forum and Agora (Market) of ancient Thyatira. The center of the ancient city literally was in the center of the modern city! An entire square block was left undeveloped to preserve at least a part of these ancient remains, which date from the 2nd—6th century A.D. Illustrated in these ruins are the traditional Roman triple-arch entry into a city and its forum/agora complex, including the colonnaded main street. Also in tact is part of the Roman basilica, normally located adjacent to the forum and market, even as at Thyatira. A Roman basilica was a public court building that had a central nave with one or two forward apses on either side. This Roman building became the traditional shape for Christian churches because of the imagery of the shape of a cross. Thus, a “basilica,” which had been a Roman civic building for centuries, became so associated with Christian churches that the word basilica itself came to be equated with a church.