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New Testament Greek
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Original Publication. Teaching Greek grammar has been the core of my professional teaching career. The texts I developed started out with a grammar and workbook system that later evolved into two textbooks. New Testament Greek, (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1994, 1997) was the original grammar meant to serve as both a beginning and intermediate text. The companion workbook, New Testament Greek Workbook (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1994, 1997), facilitated using the New Testament Greek text as a beginning Greek grammar. Beginning Greek grammar elements covered in the text were developed through the accompanying workbook exercises. The text was illustrated with generous graphics, copious tables, and visual charts; enhancing the resources were four appendixes, three vocabulary indexes, annotated bibliography, glossary, and subject index. The workbook also had rich illustrations and included English derivatives to aid Greek vocabulary work. English grammar was presented as an appendix in the workbook. The textbook became popular among colleges and seminaries and was a strong seller annually.
“Stevens Greek” Accordance Module
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New Testament Greek eventually caught the attention of OakTree Software, publishers of the powerful Accordance system. OakTree added this grammar as a module in the General Tools section, which was an honor. All tables and graphics were included in the port to the Accordance package. This successful grammar and workbook system went into a second edition before eventually being retired in favor of two separate textbooks. The dual-function of a combined beginning and intermediate text proved to be intimidating to beginning students. Over time a need was felt to divide the material into two textbooks.
New Testament Greek Primer
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Later Publications. Essentially, the material in the original New Testament Greek publication was divided into two textbooks comprising two competency levels of first and second year Greek. These new publications also incorporated exercises within the textbooks rather than as separate publications, which reduced student cost. New Testament Greek Primer: From Morphology to Grammar, Third Edition (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2010) is an introductory Greek text that builds on English grammar in a user-friendly layout with copious tables, charts and indexes. Five chapters on English grammar aid English-challenged students. Pictures from travel overseas illustrate the ancient Greco-Roman context of the Greek New Testament. Language lessons elaborate translation and morphology issues. Vocabulary reviews anticipate vocabulary exams. An answer key aids student confidence in mastering the material. Indexes include vocabulary, principal parts, paradigms, and subjects. The method is deductive, and the goal is focused on grammar and exegesis. An early emphasis on the noun system transitions into the principal parts of the indicative verb, followed by moods, infinitives, and participles. The text concludes with two lessons on the MI-verb system. Examples and exercises are taken from the Greek New Testament. The free NOBTS iOS app available in the iTunes store has Greek vocabulary study cards cued to this text.
New Testament Greek Intermediate
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New Testament Greek Intermediate: From Morphology to Translation (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2008) builds on New Testament Greek Primer. The intermediate text reviews grammar, expands vocabulary, and exposes the student to more context. Grammar review consolidates gains from the Primer, but deepens the discussion, adding more illustrative paradigms and syntax. Vocabulary acquisition expands the Primer’s frequency of 50 or more times down to 15 or more times, including second aorist forms. Vocabulary acquisition is divided by frequency into seven vocabulary lists ready for seven vocabulary exams Exercises have longer passages, both to increase the student’s translation stamina and to bring more contextualization to bear on the act of translation. In addition, the text includes informative illustrations, beautiful layout, full indexes, a glossary, charts, paradigms, and principal parts. The index of (true) English derivatives for Greek vocabulary is unparalleled in any grammar. The free NOBTS iOS app available in the iTunes store has Greek vocabulary study cards cued to this text.
Stevens Greek Workbook
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Stevens Greek Workbook: A Companion to the Accordance Module (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2017) Stevens Greek Workbook complements the “Stevens Greek” module in the widely-acclaimed Accordance software program as a workbook of exercises keyed to the text. Features include illustrative charts and diagrams, English derivatives for assigned vocabulary aiding memory, a remedial English grammar review, an answer key, and eighteen beautiful images distributed throughout the workbook offering historical vignettes to illustrate the New Testament world and its language. Teaching New Testament Greek for almost thirty years, Stevens has traveled widely overseas to bring a rich knowledge of Greek, the New Testament world, and practical classroom pedagogy to the table to make this workbook an eminently useful tool for acquiring a working knowledge of New Testament Greek in its first-century context. The free NOBTS iOS app available in the iTunes store has Greek vocabulary study cards that can be used with this text.
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