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Videos—Paul: 1MJ (Tarsus)

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  • Cilicia—Tarsus: Blog
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    Read our journal about our visit to Tarsus and surrounding territory, as well as see additional pictures and a movie at the end of the blog. Click the image on the left or click here.
  • Cilicia—Tarsus: Roman Road
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    A Roman road was discovered in the very center of the Tarsus business district during building construction. The road is significant, because the construction has been dated by some to the first century A.D. The road was excavated by archeologists and reveals the direction pointing into the heart of the ancient city. In fact, the road points exactly in the direction of the traditional St. Paul’s well.
  • Cilicia—Tarsus: Paul's Well
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    St. Paul's Well is an ancient well in downtown Tarsus that traditionally has been associated with the apostle Paul. The area around the well was excavated, and Roman artifacts have been uncovered. The stones around the well are part of a Roman road, so the well can be documented as going back to the ancient Roman period, at least to the fourth and fifth centuries. The ancient Roman road discovered in downtown Tarsus points exactly in the direction of this well.
  • Cilicia—Tarsus: Museum
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    The Tarsus Museum is located in the city’s cultural complex and near St. Paul’s Church. The artifacts are displayed in a basement area and contain objects from the Gözlükule excavations as well as the old areas of the city. Library and security rooms are on the ground floor. The museum is said to have 28,176 coins, but these are not on display. The coins that are displayed are not dated, which is not helpful for research.
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