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My first guitar was a Harmony Jumbo Western that stood almost as tall as I did as a fifth grader. Learning Beatles songs taught me guitar, but I absorbed other styles, including folk, jazz, fusion, and Caribbean. My eclectic style makes anyone swear they hear some particular artist in their iTunes playlist. The “Run Ole Jonah” clip isolates a few guitar tracks from a song I wrote and recorded decades ago. You get a sense of that early rock influence. These tracks were produced in particular with that original, old Harmony Jumbo Western, if you can believe that. The recording quality, obviously, is nowhere close to today’s digital standards. Those were the days, my friend! (Run Ole Jonah © Gerald L. Stevens).

“Run Ole Jonah”

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I have owned a number of guitars over the years. My principle brands have been Martin, Alvarez Yahairi, Aria Pro II, Yamaha, and ESP. My standard performance guitars these days are an ESP Limited Edition EC-1000 Les Paul and a Yamaha APX-9C Acoustic Electric. As guitarists do from time to time, I sold a vintage Yamaha SA2000 that I had owned for decades, but regret the decision now. Oh well!
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During interims at various churches, Jean and I sing specials and mini-concerts. When not doing interims, I am plugged into the music ministry of First Baptist New Orleans, singing in the Celebration Choir and playing lead guitar in the praise band. You can see a few sample music videos by clicking the “Music Videos” button below.
I have written and recorded my own music, mostly Christian, and I am a member of ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. One of my original compositions, “You Can Be,” is available among the music videos at the bottom of this page. I have an album of all original compositions on iTunes. The album is titled “Turn to Jesus.” If you click the image below left, you will be directed to the album on the iTunes Store where you can audition the individual tracks.
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I also have recorded an instrumental tribute to my father, Harold Stevens, Sr. My dad’s musical career was interrupted by WWII when he served as a bomber pilot hunting submarines over the Atlantic. His style evokes a by-gone era of the Glenn Miller Band that has melted away with the passing of that war generation, but I still love his beautifully lyrical melodies. The tribute is called “Hey There!” for one of the tunes I remember so well as a child my dad playing on the piano and singing. The movie to the right is a brief introduction to what generated the project idea. The album is published on iTunes. If you click the image of my folks above right, you will be directed to the album on the iTunes Store where you can audition individual tracks.
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“Hey There!”

Music Videos (click image)