Gerald L. Stevens, PhD

I have enjoyed being an amateur photographer for years. Unfortunately, the huge bulk of my images were taken back in the prehistoric days of 35mm film and SLR cameras. These old images are available only as hardcopy prints tucked away in dusty photo albums in my closet. All my photographic equipment was stolen one day from my office at the BCM Student Center in Birmingham, and I did not have the heart to start all over. So, I let go of my love for capturing photographic memories for a while.

Times change. With the onset of digital cameras in the 1990s, I was enticed to pick up the hobby again, and I can share with you some idea of my fun with cameras from these later digital images. I have arranged the photos into the following albums: Aquariums, Bayou Scenes, Christmas, Flowers, Food, Museums, Nature, Parades, People, Pets, Travel, Urban, and Zoos. You can select one of these albums from the drop-down menu in the navigation tab above under Personal>Photography>(Album). All images are © Gerald L. Stevens.

For a rare video of a flock of pelicans dancing in the sky, click