Summer Language Institute

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

SLI Purpose

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The Summer Language Institute at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary offers students the opportunity to complete introductory, intermediate, and exegesis courses in Greek or Hebrew in a short-term summer class format of two weeks for each grammar course and one week for each exegesis course. If a student devoted the entire summer to language study, twelve hours in a biblical language could be earned. The program also serves the needs of extension center students specializing in biblical studies to take these courses when not offered at their extension center. These courses are required of students who hope to achieve a Specialization in Biblical Studies or Biblical Languages, as well as other specializations requiring ten hours of biblical languages, and helps fulfill prerequisites for entry into some PhD majors. Click the image for information on Dr. Stevens’s Greek Primer.

SLI Methodology

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The Summer Language Institute capitalizes on language immersion methodology. Similar to how missionaries learn indigenous languages, language immersion taps into the deep neural pathways of language learning in the brain in ways that cannot be achieved in regular semester classes. Through immersion acquisition, Summer Language Institute students learn biblical languages both more deeply and more thoroughly and with greater retention than their semester-level counterparts. They also statistically and consistently test ahead of other language students who have tried to learn biblical languages through other delivery systems, both online and in class. To achieve this goal, students must commit to intense, daily study without distractions. Church staff would be wise to have their responsibilities covered during their time of study, including the weekend between. Click the image for information on Dr. Stevens’s Greek Intermediate.

SLI Director

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Dr. Gerald L. Stevens directs the Summer Language Institute, and has taught Greek at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary for thirty years. Extensive travel around the world in educational research augmented by study and travel grants has enhanced his insight into the New Testament world and provided a rich wealth of illustrative images and videos to enrich the classroom experience for his students. Dr. Stevens’s publications include Greek language textbooks and workbooks. He is an expert in the use of computer technology and multimedia for the classroom. He manages seven websites under the umbrella of his brand. Click the image for information on Dr. Stevens’s travel page.

Dr. Stevens’s Links and Seminary SLI Webpage

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