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Background—University of Southern Mississippi

Science Major

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I went off to college thinking I was going to be an oceanographer or nuclear physicist. I had had calculus already in high school, so I went into an advanced physics class. By the time of my senior year, I already had taken so many math classes that I was advised that if I took a few more, I could double-major in both physics and math, so I did. Not until later in that senior year did I respond to the call to full time ministry.

Active Christian

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I knew the fraternity lifestyle, and was not going that route for college. Instead, I was active in the Baptist Campus Ministry program. Back in those days, that was the BSU (Baptist Student Union). Those were the days of bell-bottom pants, wide, gaudy ties, and dramatic Christian musicals, such as “Tell It Like It Is” and “Natural High.” I also was very active in the college department at Main Street Baptist Church.

College Romance

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Jean was smart but full of common sense. She was real but never harsh. She was sweet but no pushover. She was spiritual but not feigned. She could converse insightfully about anything and everything. She was incredible. She was born almost nine months to the day after I was born, as if after I had been born, God had said, “Now, let us make this boy’s life mate,” and Jean was conceived.