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Background—Slidell High School

Senior Portrait

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So strange to look back on that senior portrait and not even hardly remember what I was thinking back then. I do remember that I was extremely proud of our class. I knew that we were going to go out and change the world. And we did. And all that hair! Geez.

Slidell High School Billboard

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The class of ’67 financed putting up our official SHS Billboard at the front of our campus. When my senior year rolled around in 1969, Slidell High School was celebrating its 60th anniversary, so we proudly made the announcement on our new school billboard. Now Slidell High School has celebrated its centennial anniversary! Time really does just fly by.

SHS Key Club Officers

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This is a picture of the Key Club officers that was made for our SAGA 1969 Yearbook. I am on the far right. For the life of me, however, I don’t have a clue why I had such a stern look on my face. I cannot remember if I was just trying to look “serious,” or if I actually was mad, or what.