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Gerald L. Stevens, PhD

"Corinth Museum" © Gerald L. Stevens
01-000 CorinthMBuilding

Corinth Museum

02-5148 CorinthMCorinthianHelmet

Corinthian Bronze Helmet, North Cemetary, 5th BC

03-0682 CorinthMSkeleton

Burial with Skeleton

04-5109 CorinthMAugustusJulianBasilica

Emperor Augustus, Julian Basilica, 27 BC–14 AD

05-5110 CorinthMAugustusJulianBasilica

Emperor Augustus, Julian Basilica, 27 BC–14 AD

06-5107 CorinthMStatueJulianBasilica40-52AD

Man in Armor, Julian Basilica, 40–52 AD

07-5108 CorinthMStatueLucianGrandsonAugustus20BC-4AD

Lucian, grandson of Augustus, Julian Basilica, 20 BC–4 AD

08-5129 CorinthMStatueEmperorTheater10-35AD

Emperor Statue, Unknown, found at theater, 10–35 AD

09-5123 CorinthMHadrianCuirass117-138AD

Armored Hadrian, from Odeon area, 117–138 AD

10-5131 CorinthMBustJuliusCaesar

Julius Caesar, 1st AD

11-5111 CorinthMBustNero

Bust of Nero, Julian Basilica, 60 AD

12-5122 CorinthMEmperorGalba68-69AD

Emperor Galba, 68–69 AD

13-5121 CorinthMBustTyche1AD

Head of Tyche, from temple area, 1st AD

14-5106 CorinthMAthenaReliefWallOverLechaionRoad117AD

Relief of Athena Parthenos, from Lechaion Road area

15-0701 CorinthMArchaisticKore

Archaistic Kore

16-5127 CorinthMCaptivesFac╠žadeBasilica3AD

Phyrgian Captive, used as pier in Captives Façade in Julian Basilica, 2nd–3rd AD

17-0688 CorinthMVotives

Votives for Healing

18-0694 CorinthMFaces

Terracotta Faces

19-5145 CorinthMCapital

Relief on Corinthian Capital

20-5128 CorinthMSarcophagusDepartureOf7AgainstThebes2AD

Sarcophagus Scene: Departure of the Seven against Thebes, 2nd AD

21-5113 CorinthMGlassVessel1-2AD

Glass Bowl, 1st–2nd AD

22-5116 CorinthMRattleNegro1AD

Rattle, shape of African, signed on bottom: "Philokeida," 1st AD

23-5132 CorinthMPottery5BC

Greek Pottery, 5th AD

24-5147 CorinthMCorinthianAmphora590BC

Amphora, Corinthian, 590–570 BC

25-5146 CorinthMPottery610-570BC

Corinthian Pottery, 610–570 BC

26-5126 CorinthMRomanPottery1AD

Roman Pottery, 1st AD

27-5133 CorinthMProtomajolicaPotteryItaly1300AD

Protomajolica Pottery, Southern Italy, 1250–1300 AD

28-5117 CorinthMMosaicFloorDionysiusRoman

Mosaic from Roman Villa, Head of Dionysius, 2nd AD

29-5119 CorinthMMosaicFloorDionysiusRoman

Mosaic from Roman Villa, Head of Dionysius, 2nd AD

30-5114 CorinthMMosaicFloorDiningRoomRoman

Mosaic, Dining Room Floor, found west of forum in ancient Agora, 2nd–3rd AD

31-5120 CorinthMMosaicPastoral150-200AD

Mosaic Floor, Pastoral Scene, 150–200 AD

32-0705 CorinthMInscriptionHead

Honorary Column with inscription

33-0704 CorinthMInscription

Inscription on Honorary Column

34-0687 CorinthMInscriptionAsklepios

Corinth: Inscription

35-0695 CorinthMInscription

Corinth: Inscription

36-5134 CorinthMHonoraryBaseCVenturiusTheophilos

Honorary Base for C. Venturius Theophilos (cf. Lk 1:1; Acts 1:1)

37-5135 CorinthMChristianPrayerProtectEmperorJustina&VictoriniusTrans-IsthmianWall551-565AD

Prayer to God to protect Emperor Justina and Victorinius, from Trans-Isthmian Wall, 551–565 AD (cf. 1 Pet 2:13–17)

38-5136 CorinthMDedicationQCispuleusPrimus14-27AD

Dedication in honor of Q. Cispuleus Primus, 14–27 AD

39-0696 CorinthMInscription

Corinth Inscription

40-0699 CorinthMInscription

Corinth Inscription

41-5138 CorinthMLycianDecreesHonoringJuniaTheodora43AD

Decrees of Lycians of Asia Minor in honor of Junia Theodora, a Corinthian Roman, found at Salomos, 43 AD