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Videos—Paul: 1MJ (Antioch of Syria)

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  • Syria—AntiochS: Blog
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    Read our journal about our visit to Antioch of Syria from our base in Adana, Turkey, as well as see additional pictures and a movie at the end of the blog. Click the image on the left or click here.
  • Syria—AntiochS: Hatay Museum
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    The Hatay Archeological Museum is famous around the world for its Roman and Byzantine mosaics. The museum is located in the modern city of Antakya, which is ancient Antioch of Syria, in the Hatay province, which was annexed from Syria to Turkey in 1939. The mosaics go back to the second century A.D. and come from ancient cities such as Daphne, Antioch, and Tarsus. One outstanding artifact is a sarcophagus that still had the bones and jewelry of the elite individuals buried within. Some of the museum’s holdings were digitized in 2012, after our visit there. You can take a virtual visit in English on this Turkish website.