Gerald L. Stevens, PhD

Greek Language

New Testament Greek

The original recipe.
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New Testament Greek Workbook

The beginner’s original workbook.
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New Testament Greek Primer

Evolution of a great product.
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New Testament Greek Intermediate

Greek grammar on steroids.
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Teaching Greek grammar has been the core of my professional teaching career. The texts I developed started out with a grammar and workbook system that later evolved into two textbooks. See the Greek publications page for details.
My former PhD students now teaching in colleges across the United States collaborated with me in a volume of essays on Revelation. This volume is used as a supplementary textbook in classes on the book of Revelation. I later was able to publish my own book on Revelation that includes a history of interpretation crucial to understanding how we got to where we are in interpreting the Apocalypse that is missing in so many books on Revelation. See the Revelation publication page for details.
For many years my students encouraged me to publish on Acts. They were challenged by my presentation on Paul in Acts, which is a narrative approach with startling conclusions about Luke's perspective on Paul's last visit to Jerusalem. See the Acts publication page for details.