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New Sony RX100

I really am liking what I see this little beauty producing. The images are impressive, yet, the unit is truly tiny, and eminently pocketable. The downside is too expensive. I at least am enjoying thinking about this baby.


I found a video showing that you even can add filters to this little baby. Totally cool. Click HERE.

Exegesis of Romans (English)

The seminary schedule stays so busy with its class offerings that just keeping the required courses going takes up most of our time as professors. I had not realized that time has rushed by since last I taught an exegesis of Paul’s letter to the Romans. I am furiously working on my classroom presentations right now. This multimedia work is extraordinarily time intensive, but I think well worth the effort in enhancing the in-class experience.

During this whole process, I have been struck once again by how deep and rich this text of Romans is! I am using new commentaries all the way around and completely redoing all my lectures. What a blessing! I pray my students will be as blessed as they work through this mighty piece of Christian literature this coming fall, both in understanding what Paul wrote and in applying these truths to our lives today. Below are the two commentaries we will be using:


Video Links are Online

I have finished cleaning up all my video links after the move of my WordPress blog from one hosting server to another this summer. All video links are now internal to the blog and do not take you to another web page. This new feature of embedded video files is especially helpful with the blogs related to our sabbatical trip overseas to Europe and Turkey. The trip was taken in April 2010, but the blogs, which were created from journal entries during the trip, were not posted until April 2011. To get to these travel entires quickly, then, just click the April 2011 calendar archive.